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Canvey Island Weather is a private weather station based on Canvey Island, Essex. I have been collecting data since September 2009, initially using an Oregon WMR 200 weather station. Archived data is available on the site dating from January 2010.

On the 1st of August 2016 I installed a Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus weather station with Daytime Fan-Aspirated Radiation Sheild. The station consists of, anemometer, rain gauge, thermo-hydro sensor, UV sensor and solar sensor, all situated in optimal positions for highest accuracy possible. Data is collected at intervals between 2.5 seconds and 60 seconds (depending on the sensor) and the website is fully updated every 5 minutes, using Weather Display Software as the interface. The software runs exclusively on a ACEPC AK1 Mini Desktop PC, running Windows 10 Pro, Version 22H2. The complete set up runs 24/7.

About Canvey Island

On the south coast of Essex lies Canvey Island, approximately five miles long by three miles wide. It was originally part of a small group of islands and is one of the largest islands along the Thames Estuary. The first settlers on this marshland arrived during the Roman Era and were followed by the Saxons in the 5th Century and the Dutch. Evidence of the latter can be seen today, at the hexagonal building which houses a museum to the Dutch settlers. In 1621 a Dutch engineer was invited to build a sea wall to protect the island from the sea and this was completed in 1623. The sea wall which has since been raised, due to rising sea levels, surrounds three quarters of its perimeter and is 15 miles (24km) long. For those that feel fit, it is possible to walk round almost the whole of the island, taking in views of Hadleigh Downs and the famous ruin of Hadleigh Castle, a Marina, an RSPB Nature Reserve and the Thames Estuary. From a small community of humble farmers the inhabitants of the island have grown to a vibrant community of over 37,000.

Because of the situation of Canvey Island, being on the Essex coast, the history of its weather seems to show an unpredictability at times and adversity to climatic changes and as a result of this, it has claimed the lives of many victims. The most notable being in 1953, when on the 31st January, a deep depression moved from Iceland in a south easterly direction, met up with gale force winds from the north coast of Scotland which coincided with a spring tide, creating a considerably high sea level. The combination created a surge tide down the Essex coast, causing devastation on Canvey Island and the loss of 58 lives. This was not the first time Canvey had been a victim of the changing weather conditions. As far back as 1895, a frost of arctic severity welded ships in the icy waters of the Thames. In June, 1897, after a hot oppressive day of 88F (31c), a weather system of cool Atlantic air, displaced tropical heat sending columns of warm moist air to condense high in the atmosphere to form ice, which finally tumbled to earth. By November of the same year a south westerly gale blew across the island causing some structural damage on its way. In 1902 a thick heavy fog descended on Canvey Island. Two ships the Ben Mohr and the Banffshire collided offshore. Fortunately, there were no fatalities. In January 1941 on a dark afternoon of sleet and snow with an easterly wind blowing, Amy Johnson’s plane plunged into the Thames Estuary. There was packed ice in Canvey creek after a severe blizzard in 1954 and the 60’s 70’s and 80’s had their share of storms, snow and high winds, with periods of drought and record high temperatures.

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